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Tobacco, E-Cigarette Use Declines Among High Schoolers, Report Shows

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According to a national survey by the FDA and CDC, tobacco use among high schoolers is falling, including the use of E-cigarettes.

The last vestiges of smoking seen as what the cool kids do may finally be falling away from American society, with the survey reporting that smoking rates among high school-aged teens fell around 25% between 2022 and 2023.

Overall, 12.6% of high schoolers said they currently use tobacco products, down from over 21% in 2009-2010.

E-cigarettes followed suit with a greater than 25% fall in use among high schoolers to just 10% of those surveyed.

In the survey, 22,069 students from 179 schools participated, with an overall response rate of 30.5%, however, a potential drawback was that it was a self-administered questionnaire, and teenagers are not famous for their honesty when questioned about illegal behavior.

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Nicotine use in adolescent brains increases the risk, the CDC says, of lifelong addiction, making efforts to curb tobacco use among high schoolers especially important to reducing addiction across society.

Use among middle schoolers slightly increased, particularly with vapes and E-cigarettes.

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