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Determined Hound Leads Owner to a Cat Stuck Down 100-foot Mine Shaft for 6 Days

Released by Michele Rose

A dog’s keen nose led a resident of Cornwall to a mineshaft, where 100 feet down, her cat Mowgli was lost and alone for 6 days.

Mowgli’s owner Michele Rose told the BBC she had “almost given up hope” of finding her missing pet, but “superstar” Daisy was persistent in getting Rose to follow her.

Rose adopted both Mowgli and another kitten named Baloo last December and gradually introduced them to Daisy, who become matriarchal and very protective of the kittens. When Mowgli went missing, it must have been hard on the pooch.

The BBC report doesn’t say what attempts were made to find the missing cat, or what she and her dog were doing near the old Prince of Wales mine works in Cornwall, but it was there after 6 days that Daisy started going “berserk.”

Leading Rose to an old opening in the mines, she realized what Daisy was showing her, and she immediately called Cornwall Fire and Rescue service, but it was too dark that day to do anything.

RSPCA – released

The next morning, RSPCA animal rescue officer Stephen Findlow came out to the mines and spotted Mowgli who was 100 feet down and remarkably uninjured.


Pulling Mowgli to safety, the kitten was greeted by its compatriots and a relieved owner.

“Without Daisy doing that Mowgli could still be down there, that’s for sure,” Ms. Rose said. “She was persistent in making me follow her, it was amazing.”

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