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Man Transforms an Old Farmhouse into a Barbie Dreamhouse Fulfilling a Childhood Dream-LOOK

Pink couch in Jonny Carmack’s Barbie Dreamhouse – SWNS

A man has transformed his old Connecticut farmhouse into a ‘Barbie Dreamhouse’, fueled by his childhood love of the Mattel brand’s style.

Jonny Carmack bought the three-bedroom fixer-upper in 2020, escaping New York City during the pandemic.

It was his first home, and the 31-year-old had a lot of work ahead of him, dealing with crumbling, moldy walls.

He spent $20,000 on the Danbury residence transforming it with vivid colors and 1980s furniture found at estate sales and vintage dealers.

Since buying the 1800s farmhouse and moving in with his partner Mitchell Pozo, Jonny has added $100k in value to the property that originally cost $256,000.

“I remember being young and knowing I wanted to live in a doll house one day,” said the small business owner.

He grew up in a blue-collar family that frowned on boys playing with Barbie dolls.


“When I bought the house I knew I wanted to use it as a landing pad for my creativity, but I was still a bit nervous as I didn’t know how my family and friends would react.”

Whimsical interior design by Jonny Carmack – SWNS

Some of Jonny’s second-hand items included a $50 Murano light, a $1,000 bedroom set, and the blue couch he bought for $1,000.

The dining room of Jonny Carmack’s Barbie Dreamhouse – SWNS

Each room has changed five or six times in the course of a few years, as Jonny collaborates with his partner Mitchell, a visual merchandiser.

“Me and Mitchell share the same brain.

“He is super creative like me, and loves color, so we brainstorm a lot.”

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Jonny said his conservative family isn’t so sure about his interior design skills but his friends love the unique style.

The pink hallway – SWNS

“My friends love it—and this summer we watched the Barbie movie here! It was super fun.”

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