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Jack Russell Pup Becomes Surrogate Mom to Six Abandoned Kittens, Feeding Them with Her Own Milk

Sue Stubley – SWNS

A devoted Jack Russell terrier has become an unlikely mum to six abandoned kittens—and is even producing milk for them.

Two-year-old Teasel stepped up when owner Sue Stubley took in the kittens from a neighbor, after they were abandoned by their own mother.

She quickly embraced her newfound role and for the next three weeks Teasel was cleaning, snuggling, and nursing the kitties.

Initially, Sue didn’t want to let the dog anywhere near the kittens.

“I was scared she was going to go for them,” said Sue, who runs the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital.

“I was letting her sniff them and then she licked one of them. Then I realized she actually just wanted to cuddle them, rather than maim them.”

Now she’s looking after them completely. “It’s amazing.”

When Sue volunteered to care for the abandoned kittens, no one guessed that her pet would do most of the heavy lifting.

Despite having never birthed puppies before, Teasel began to lactate, after the babies began suckling on her—and Sue shared the moments on Facebook.

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Happily, the good fortune has allowed Sue more time to look after 154 prickly patients at her hedgehog hospital.

Sue Stubley’s dog Teasel nursing the kittens – SWNS

The kittens are now due to be neutered, de-wormed, and micro-chipped before getting a new start in loving homes.

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“We are sending them to cat lovers, which is nice to know that they are going to good homes,” Sue said.

Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital became a registered charity three years ago and accepts online donations to help run the wildlife clinic.

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