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Missing Pig Named Kevin Bacon Reunited with Owners After Help from Kevin Bacon

(left) Kevin Bacon in 2012 CC 2.0. Genevieve (right) Kevin Bacon the Pig – Kevin’s Home Adventures

Actor Kevin Bacon is seeing himself ratioed on the search engines after a runaway pig bearing his name was caught with an elaborate ruse.

But rather than wallowing in the loss of limelight, Kevin Bacon (the human) used his social media to alert Pennsylvanians to the missing hog and the attempts of his owner Chelsea Rumbaugh, to recapture him.

Chelsea lives in Cumberland Township and brought the pig home on October 13th. Following two brief breakouts, Kevin Bacon ran away after burrowing under the fence of his holding pen. Thus began a 2-week saunter around the rural area.

Chelsea set up a Facebook page called ‘Bring Kevin Bacon Home’ which kept up a running thread of locations and news about the pig to help coordinate rescue efforts. She asked neighbors and friends to share the page, which eventually landed it in the feed of a certain Mr. Kevin Bacon.

The famous actor then shared the Facebook page on his Threads feed, captioning it with ‘Bring Kevin Bacon Home!’.

Over the course of his footloose adventure, pig Kevin had grown accustomed to eating food from humans, which eventually led to his downfall in the form of a sticky bun laced with harmless Benadryl which for animals is a sedative.

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Chelsea’s rambling pig came home and even walked freely into his pen, which she had reinforced with concrete to stop his tunneling.

The story of Kevin Bacon and Kevin Bacon went viral, and she realized that she could use the fame to advance her goal of turning her farm into an emotional support center.

“We have plans for our property to be an open-to-the-public farm and offer services for children and adults who struggle with PTSD, anxiety, and depression, and Kevin is going to be here for all of that, too,” said Rumbaugh, according to Unilad.

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The Facebook page has since been converted into Kevin’s Home Adventures and hosts all Kevin content all day.

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