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Kansas Woman Turns Your Feet Into an Inspiring Billboard For Positive Affirmations–LOOK

Notes to Self

The words we tell ourselves matter. Now you can remind yourself—and others—that you are amazing, smart, courageous, or beautiful with Notes To Self socks, because words make all the difference.

In a world where mental health is an increasing concern, a Kansas mom from the heartland of America began weaving inspiring messages—to put on your feet. Laura Schmidt is the visionary behind the unique sock company where positive affirmations become a memorable step in your morning and bedtime routines.

Notes To Self

She has always believed in the power of positive thinking, but remembers the moment in 2011 when her feet were propped up on a car dashboard and it dawned on her what an incredible billboard your socks could be for promoting positive thinking.

“My whole life I’ve used positive affirmations to help me with my confidence,” she says.

Schmidt had already succeeded in the corporate world, in direct sales, and as a mother of three in Prairie Village, Kansas, so empowering others to reach their goals was a way of life.

Laura Schmidt, founder of Notes To Self

“I like the idea that someone wearing the socks sees a phrase such as ‘I am strong’ first thing in the morning when they are putting on their shoes, and at the end of the day.”

She envisioned that the positive reminder, articulated in the present tense, would stay with the wearer throughout the day, with the simple act of wearing socks.

The website for Notes to Self® socks says “each pair of high-quality athletic socks come with arch support and a breathable mesh top”. They sell multiple styles of socks including compression, gripper, ultra low cut, crew, wool crew, and child sizes.

Each of the variety of affirmations—‘I am confident’, ‘I am awesome’, ‘I am beautiful’, ‘I am smart’, ‘I’m a great mom’, or the sassy ‘I am crushing it’—offer a daily dose of positivity right down to your toes. (And you can get a 10% discount using an exclusive coupon code for GNN readers: GOODNEWS2023)

Schmidt, herself, must be wearing ‘I am generous’ socks, because her company has donated over 135,000 pairs of their socks to homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and children in need.

They also support small businesses–and all their socks are exclusively made in the USA.

When the first prototype for the socks was worn by Laura’s daughter to her volleyball practice in 2011 adorned with the phrase “I am confident”, the feedback proved overwhelmingly positive. Since then, millions of people have experienced the uplifting power of Notes to Self socks as a consistent reminder of their self-worth.

Schmidt has received numerous testimonials from customers who’ve shared their journeys of perseverance which were uplifted by the simple act of looking down at their socks. That’s not surprising, since previous research has shown positive affirmations can reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and enhance overall well-being.


One customer was suffering from debilitating health setbacks in the hospital when friends gave her a pair of socks from Notes to Self.

“She believed that focusing on those positive words helped her reconnect neurons in her brain,” Laura recalled. “Many times, people don’t understand how powerful these are until they glance down at their feet and see the words. And then they get it.”

One of the many gift sets at NotesToSelf

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Check out their Gift Box Sets—and Christmas ornaments stuffed with a pair of socks.

Change begins one step at a time. Whenever optimism is needed, Laura’s affirmation socks can help move you in the right direction.

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